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Type Title Author Published Rating
How would you like your bf to be? GIRLS ONLY polyphonic 12/10/2005 4.25
What Era do you REALLY belong in?! (GIRLS ONLY) MOCKael63 01/06/2006 4.25
Are You A Girly-Girl OR A Tom-Boy? (4 gurlzz) chesterolga 03/18/2005 4.50
What goddess are you? coffeecupzxlol 01/07/2006 4.75
What Type of Shoe Are You? mabmao2 02/17/2006 3.50
Is your crush Mr. Right or not quite? (girls only puh-leaze) shopaholic0123 03/02/2006 4.50
What kind of Girlfriend are you? eXes 08/22/2003 4.75
What is Your Fashion IQ? absintheminded 10/07/2003 4.00
Are You a Thrifty Shopper? Starsam41 12/10/2003 4.50
Who's Your Dream Guy(girls only please) flirty08 04/03/2004 4.50
Is he REALLY the one? (girls only) tecnaenchantex 04/06/2009 4.50
What kind of Vampire are you? (girls only) SaphiraCullen 04/06/2009 4.75

More Girls Quizzes

Type Title Author Published Rating
hogwarts life quiz lunamillington 04/19/2014 4.75
Could You Be A Lost Boy/Girl? PeterandTink 04/13/2014 4.50
Which Seven Super Girl (youtube) are you? poppydog123 04/12/2014 5.00
Which Beauty Trend Should You Try? CautiousMess 04/12/2014 4.50
☆ What Modern Stereotype fits you? ☆ jesuismouton 04/11/2014 3.50
Which hetalia girl are you? mamitomoegirl 04/08/2014 5.00
Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You? mamitomoegirl 04/08/2014 5.00
Which Disney Princess Are you ? dalamez123 04/05/2014 3.75
Would I date you - lesbian/bi girls only NatureGoddess 04/04/2014 3.75
The Life Aboard the Cursed Raider (Girls Only) Haleigh0the0Awesome 04/04/2014 4.25
PLEASE HELP ME UGHHHH teamkatniss39 04/03/2014 0.00
are you a tomboy or girly girl fabstyle 04/01/2014 1.50
Jeff the killer WWFFY ( Girls only ) : -Bullies- Troy WalkingInferno 03/29/2014 5.00
Your life as a Superhero (Girl Version) talyawren 03/28/2014 5.00
Would I date you? VioletRose96 03/27/2014 5.00
Does your crush like you?(boys and girls) biopower1000 03/26/2014 4.25
Which Grease character are you? (Girls) lucy14xo 03/26/2014 4.50
Which VPA Boy are You? santarga 03/23/2014 5.00
Which VPA Boy are You? santarga 03/23/2014 0.00
~Hetalia RP Quiz (2)~ Adibell12 03/21/2014 4.00

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