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Quizilla Faves

Type Title Author Published Rating
What Kind of Love Is In Your Heart??? ♥ Dragontamer1 11/16/2005 4.75
Whats the Color of Your Love?: A love style quiz SilentMusiq 12/18/2005 4.75
Are you in love? JapanimeBlackRose 12/20/2005 4.50
Which Love Quote Fits You Best? (7 results!) Vandagirl 11/12/2005 4.75
What type of Love do you have? AshyMashy 09/28/2005 4.75
Is It Love? Cheoky 12/30/2005 4.75
Do you try too hard for your crush? emi101 02/19/2006 4.75
How Romantic Are You? happymukie17 03/04/2006 4.25
Are You Really Meant To Be Together? [for guys and girls, with picture... LinkinParkPunk0082 06/04/2005 4.75
Is your love real or should you call it quits?? rebelgirl08 04/20/2006 3.50
What Love Song Are You? kiefergontier 06/16/2007 4.75
Are you a heartbreaker? miss1romantic2chicky 03/14/2009 4.50

More Love Quizzes

Type Title Author Published Rating
☁Ghost Town☁ WWYFF [08] londonanimelover 09/01/2014 5.00
which anime persona are you? (girl pics) mangachick249 09/01/2014 5.00
WWYFF - ⊗Thwart Fate⊗ ▹19◃ Ch0c0muffin 08/30/2014 5.00
Covetous (wwffy/wwyff) 3 seamlessrenegade 08/30/2014 5.00
Are You My Perfect Girl Frenchman101 08/29/2014 2.00
did i hear someone say revolution 2 soccervballgirl 08/29/2014 5.00
☁Ghost Town☁ WWYFF [07] londonanimelover 08/28/2014 5.00
Did I hear someone say revolution? soccervballgirl 08/28/2014 5.00
Which Full House Character Are You? 18katiebug2001 08/27/2014 5.00
WWYFF - ⊗Thwart Fate⊗ ▹18◃ Ch0c0muffin 08/26/2014 5.00
What Color Best Suits You? GodsNotDead7 08/24/2014 3.75
WWYFF - ⊗Thwart Fate⊗ ▹17◃ Ch0c0muffin 08/23/2014 5.00
⇥The Destination of Fate⇥ WWYFF [LAST STOP] londonanimelover 08/22/2014 5.00
☁Ghost Town☁ WWYFF [06] londonanimelover 08/21/2014 5.00
Love at first bite (WWYFF) 13 emilydooley3 08/20/2014 5.00
I am NOT your princess!!! (WWYFF) 5 emilydooley3 08/20/2014 5.00
↶The Destination of Fate↷ WWYFF [7th STATION] londonanimelover 08/18/2014 5.00
What OC of Flutter Are You? 8FoxyRoxy8 08/17/2014 5.00
WWYFF - ⊗Thwart Fate⊗ ▹16◃ Ch0c0muffin 08/17/2014 5.00
↑The Destination of Fate↓ WWYFF [6th STATION] londonanimelover 08/15/2014 5.00

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