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Quizilla Faves

Type Title Author Published Rating
Love, Lust & Magic: A Hogwarts Tale (4)~ Surprise Moonshadow139 12/15/2005 4.50
This Year's Love: A Lily and James Story-[Part1] MoonieMcC13 12/15/2005 4.75
The strength of the bond of Love(A Maraduer's Story of Friendship, Lo... RedHeadedRay3 12/16/2005 5.00
And Today is The Day I Forgot What Love Was Like RckNrollHigh 12/16/2005 4.50
Accidentally in Love Part 20(SetoKaibaLoveStory) sammieveg 12/16/2005 5.00
True Love, Part One girlpokefan 12/16/2005 3.50
[18] You Can't Deny True Love - James4ever 12/17/2005 3.75
A Love Just Between Us - part 5 darkdreams07 12/18/2005 3.75
An Unbreakable Vampire Love bask8ballmaster 12/19/2005 4.50
~Arram and Phoenix~ A Medevil Love Story Mythlover15 12/19/2005 4.75
~~Forever Love~~(A Twisted Vampire love tale) grimgrace 12/31/2005 4.75

More Love Stories

Type Title Author Published Rating
The Story of Second Best HeRippedMyWings 09/18/2014 0.00
The Story of Second Best HeRippedMyWings 09/18/2014 0.00
A New Word (Sasuke love story) Chapter 6 jokersharleyalways 09/15/2014 0.00
⚜☕| Celebrity Role Play Search |☕⚜ TheUndeadPoet 09/15/2014 5.00
Can Someone Make Me A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Love Story (2012 ver... BarbieAnime178 09/14/2014 5.00
A little goodbye from the characters of Love At First Bite emilydooley3 09/14/2014 0.00
My Vampire Captors (10 part 1) Curlylec 09/14/2014 5.00
Goodbye Quizilla emilydooley3 09/13/2014 5.00
the spy 4 waikelia1 09/13/2014 0.00
the spy waikelia1 09/12/2014 0.00
☁Ghost Town☁ WWYFF [HOW IT ENDS] londonanimelover 09/12/2014 5.00
Seven (2) Curlylec 09/10/2014 5.00
Seven Curlylec 09/10/2014 5.00
My Vampire Captors (9) Curlylec 09/10/2014 5.00
I Fell To Temptation_A Jacoby Shaddix Love Story_#18 Stineeful 09/10/2014 5.00
*~Family Secrets~* (Itachi Uchiha Love Story) Ch. 9 XSilverwolfXItachi 09/10/2014 0.00
Im done [Zack] With all [Addy] These Tears (10) jibby07 09/09/2014 5.00
My Vampire Captors (7) Curlylec 09/08/2014 5.00
Konoha High – The Girl With the Violin (A Sasuke Love Story) Chapter... NausicaaKamiya 09/08/2014 4.50
Mew Mew Power is gone. (Read this if you read my Yu-Gi-Oh love story) meganblue 09/07/2014 0.00

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