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Type Title Author Published Rating
What Is Your Animal Personality? EmrysWolf 05/02/2003 4.50
Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you? DarthMaligna 01/24/2003 4.50
Whats your dream guys personality?(girls only) joojoobeans 11/27/2005 3.75
What kind of anime personality are you? thrilldude91 12/22/2005 4.50
What Personality Are You? (Dog Personality or Cat Personality) Device 03/22/2004 3.50
~The Candy Bar Personality Quiz~ Vieuphoria 12/30/2005 3.75
Do you over react about things? singergirl151227 04/20/2009 4.25
What piece of furniture are you? gothictwilightfan212 04/20/2009 4.25
Emo, Jock, or Nerd?! shinauchiha2324 04/20/2009 4.50
Introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between? amsi94 04/21/2009 5.00

More Personality Quizzes

Type Title Author Published Rating
What kind of underwear are you??? 6mylittledick9 07/18/2014 3.75
What do your thoughts say about you? Mackenzie14 07/14/2014 4.25
Is water your natural element? zackerywalton666 07/11/2014 4.75
what is your personality kam2 07/08/2014 4.25
What Sport Should You Try? percussionette 07/06/2014 5.00
What Would Your Last Words Be? tarasalem 07/04/2014 4.75
Who is your Disney Prince? babyshark101 07/03/2014 4.00
What Element Are You? percussionette 06/29/2014 3.75
what type of anime character are you? lillianian 06/20/2014 4.25
Which Ozian word best describes you? thepopcornpup 06/19/2014 3.50
What Color of the Rainbow are you? ccramer1188 06/18/2014 4.75
Are introverted or extroverted? thepopcornpup 06/15/2014 4.50
What Kind of Flower Are You Most Like? BeautyQueen34 06/03/2014 4.50
Emo or Normal Personality quiz xxEmoRose32xx 05/31/2014 4.50
what pony are you purplecraze16 05/25/2014 5.00
Which Striaton Brother has the hots for you? [Remake] TwinDestruction 05/17/2014 5.00
What Element Are You? [Remake] TwinDestruction 05/17/2014 5.00
What Kind Of Personality Do You Have? BeautyQueen34 05/14/2014 4.75
Just Pick One Mackenzie14 05/05/2014 4.75
What Disney Princess are you most like? madymagicgirl 04/26/2014 4.50

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