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Quizilla Faves

Type Title Author Published Rating
Retro Rock n Roll \ Indie Trivia Quiz... satanat 03/31/2006 4.00
Harry Potter Trivia Quiz crazyoldhermit 11/23/2005 4.25
Ultimate Test of Trivia Part 2: Science and Nature Part 1 Molly0 11/11/2005 5.00
The Insanely Picky "The Princess Bride" Movie Trivia Quiz Tinnurien 04/10/2003 4.75
ANIME Trivia!!!!!(funny and kinda random) deadlylittleangel 02/16/2006 1.75
80's Movies Trivia For The Ultimate Fan Part 1 michig 02/22/2006 4.75
The ultimate Star Wars trivia quiz! TehRyder 05/20/2006 3.75
A Nightmare on Elm Street Trivia Quiz!! Ireland13 07/26/2006 4.25
How much do you know about Twilight (the movie)?? ItCanOnlyGetBetter 03/31/2009 4.00
How Much do You Know of Monty Python and the Holy Grail? tobi123uchiha 04/11/2009 4.50

More Trivia Quizzes

Type Title Author Published Rating
What NHL player are you and whats your playstyle? Crypto643 07/25/2014 5.00
random trivia! MissJess99 05/13/2014 3.75
What your fashion sense says about you. laurenpenguin 01/26/2014 4.75
Does he like me? (middle school) Lovebug1029 12/31/2013 4.50
Signs of Obsession Dameblood 11/13/2013 3.50
How many animated movies do you know Bongbong123 08/22/2013 2.75
The Ultimate Inheritance Cycle Quiz Bookluver816 08/20/2013 5.00
create your dreamboy tomboyswagrocker 08/04/2013 4.50
would i like u?(as a friend) tomboyswagrocker 08/04/2013 2.75
r u good at japanese language and culture yattakekkichan 05/16/2013 2.50
What kind of person will I be as I grow older in life? ambie603 03/27/2013 4.25
What "The Walking Dead" Character are you most like? HayleeGlas 03/24/2013 4.00
ARE YOU DUMB AND BORING? babyladyc123 03/20/2013 1.75
DL Trivia US6 03/11/2013 5.00
Insanely Picky Lord of the Rings Trivia SmileyK33 01/06/2013 4.75
Horror Movie Trivia ying5000 12/15/2012 4.75
The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz WinterAlice 11/25/2012 1.75
Messed It Up~~Avengers~~Wwyff episode 2 ninakat 11/03/2012 4.00
stupid smart (trivial) quiz! This quiz is really LOONNGGGGG!! pomeranianwagz080 09/09/2012 4.50
title GREENDAYSsaintjimmy 08/20/2012 5.00

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