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quiz Which Kind of Cupcake Are You? tfios2014 09/13/2014 2,808 4.50
quiz What is Your Power Anthem? BookLoving101 09/05/2014 4,629 4.00
quiz What is the Superpower you never knew you had? Mackenzie14 09/01/2014 8,474 4.50
quiz What's Your Perfect Fall Fragrance? waileygirl 08/29/2014 3,651 4.75
quiz What Kind of Writer are You? bnmcdaniel702 08/14/2014 9,985 4.75
quiz What Movie Are You? deadlydandelions 08/13/2014 12,902 4.75
quiz What book should you read? KanekiKen 08/06/2014 12,144 4.75
quiz Wings of Fire: What Dragon Are You? FrostFate 07/29/2014 8,635 4.75
quiz What Type of Fangirl are you? BlackSparkler 08/01/2014 13,588 4.50
quiz Pokemon Adventures: Which Dex Holder Are You? sabrinaeve97 07/28/2014 6,777 5.00
quiz Are you Batman, Superman, or Spiderman? Gamersarehere 07/27/2014 9,340 3.25
quiz Which Property Brother is your dream guy? klw2014 07/20/2014 7,072 4.25
quiz What do your thoughts say about you? Mackenzie14 07/14/2014 21,041 4.25
quiz Are You a Demigod? blackandwhitepages 07/13/2014 16,042 4.25
quiz What Gemstone Are You? smilebig10235 07/07/2014 18,035 4.50

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lyrics Toradora!: Silky Heart English Fandub PokemonTrainerTsuray01 09/17/2014 100 5.00
poll Favorite Total Drama Contestant selenagomezfan68 08/22/2014 747 5.00
poll Who is your favourite character from 'I'm Being Stalked By A Ghost &Hunted By A Vampire!' darker-then-ebony 08/23/2014 1,102 5.00
quiz ?Meteoris? WWYFF [17] londonanimelover 08/19/2014 682 5.00
quiz Love at first bite (WWYFF) 13 emilydooley3 08/20/2014 814 5.00
quiz It's just an Urban Legend! ... Right? (WWYFF) 3 emilydooley3 08/21/2014 692 5.00
quiz ?Ghost Town? WWYFF [06] londonanimelover 08/21/2014 652 5.00
quiz ?The Destination of Fate? WWYFF [LAST STOP] londonanimelover 08/22/2014 714 5.00
quiz Can you handle the jungle? (Girls only) xErzaScarletx 08/23/2014 813 5.00
quiz From Within (1) soccervballgirl 08/26/2014 303 5.00
quiz WWYFF - ?Thwart Fate? ?18? Ch0c0muffin 08/26/2014 437 5.00
quiz Which Doctor Who species are You? TheCamouflage 08/27/2014 673 5.00
quiz ?Ghost Town? WWYFF [07] londonanimelover 08/28/2014 467 5.00
quiz Hidden Depths (Avengers WWYFF) Chapter 11 Nobody210 08/28/2014 368 5.00
quiz Can you handle being a slave? 9 (Girls only) xErzaScarletx 08/29/2014 676 5.00

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story Memudahkan elemen dengan Korea Fashion Online Shopping dillonotcb 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story If You Feel An Abrupt Jerk When You Shift Between Gears Or Hear Unusual Noises, This Could Indicate That The... harrislzfo 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story Be Sure With This Part Of Your Personal Development Strategy To Keep It Realistic With Everything Else You... poolexizo 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story Toko Online untuk murah Perfume awarereproducti60 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story And On The Long Run, You'll Just Find That You're Able To Play Great Tunes To Your Friends During Social... hutchinsonbeuv 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story Depending On Your Personality, One Or More Of The Methods Above Might Be More Appealing To You Than Others. averylsvz 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story The Other Big Problem With Learn Bass Guitar Online Free Options Is That It Can Be Very Time Consuming. ethanyqfu 09/19/2014 0 0.00
story Small Businesses Without A Dedicated Hr Department Or Businesses Under Contractual Agreement With... fitzgeraldibus 09/19/2014 6 0.00
story Jolt Charger Brings The Convenience Of Wireless Charging To Gopro® Cameras For The First Time troyqfrk 09/19/2014 4 0.00
story Sapato de vestido/casual Lace-up completo detalhes por clicando na The imagem The Aetrex Y590 Casual... pedroqpvk 09/19/2014 5 0.00
story Guia completo para casamento Makeup koryhwuw 09/19/2014 5 0.00
story It Is Known To Be The Ultimate Breathing Exercise For Energy And Power With A Long List Of Health Benefits. buser90pv 09/19/2014 5 0.00
story In The Video Below, Esther Starts In Downward Dog, Which Is The More Traditional Way To Get Into Pigeon Pose. tim6541 09/19/2014 5 0.00
story Swift Systems Of Relationship Help - An A-z lewistaio 09/19/2014 6 0.00
story Venustiano Carranza Venustiano Carranza 1859-1920 se declaró el Presidente de México en 1914. mexicanosatope 09/19/2014 5 0.00

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