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test What is the Superpower you never knew you had? Mackenzie14 09/01/2014 10,795 4.50
test What is Your Power Anthem? BookLoving101 09/05/2014 5,900 4.25
test Which Kind of Cupcake Are You? tfios2014 09/13/2014 4,790 4.50
test What's Your Perfect Fall Fragrance? waileygirl 08/29/2014 4,739 4.75
test What creepypasta are you? Bloodyblackrosedrowned 09/16/2014 3,022 4.25
test Story Behind Your Date of Birth Mag1234 08/25/2014 2,840 5.00
story Quizilla's Closing PlayinWithScissors 09/14/2014 1,825 4.00
poll Who is your favourite character from 'I'm Being Stalked By A Ghost &Hunted By A Vampire!' darker-then-ebony 08/23/2014 1,641 5.00
test Can you handle the jungle? (Girls only) xErzaScarletx 08/23/2014 1,499 5.00
test Can you handle being a slave? 9 (Girls only) xErzaScarletx 08/29/2014 1,366 5.00
test which anime persona are you? (girl pics) mangachick249 09/01/2014 1,248 4.75
test Which Doctor Who species are You? TheCamouflage 08/27/2014 1,235 5.00
test what type of guy do you like (girls only)? KRDRYB01 09/14/2014 1,099 5.00
test What Color Best Suits You? GodsNotDead7 08/24/2014 913 3.50
test ?Ghost Town? WWYFF [07] londonanimelover 08/28/2014 757 5.00
test WWYFF - ?Thwart Fate? ?18? Ch0c0muffin 08/26/2014 726 5.00
test Quizilla is shutting down????!! Raphaelia 09/11/2014 696 4.00
test Hidden Depths (Avengers WWYFF) Chapter 11 Nobody210 08/28/2014 640 5.00
test Could You Be A Magical Girl? Liana10 08/23/2014 606 5.00

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