Trick or Treat Rap

Go to this link to listen to it, lyrics belong to indymogul.

Created by felinepaws on Sunday, November 01, 2009

Awww yeah its Halloween mother bleepers.
Aka All hallows eve.
Let me start it off with a stone cold fact
You don’t love Halloween then you’re gonna get smacked
We take this day serious cus we’re good at it yo
It’s a magical experience we will never outgrow
I got snickers and goobers spillin outta my sack
I eat mo candy than a pimp smokes crack
I love me some candy like I love my mom
I took a bag of twizzlers to the senior prom
Some like chronic and chuggin beers
We get high on Skittles and Three Musketeers
I’m a chocolate junkie and you’re my supplier
M&Ms and Kit Kat’s are what I require
You better be ready when you get home from work
If you don’t answer your door then we’ll go berserk
I’ll smash your pumpkins and egg your house too
And leave you a flaming bag of doggy poo
Don’t turn off lights we know your home
I’ll beat your ass down with a Toblerone
That’s the Halloween code that we live our life by
Its not trick or treat its trick or treat or die


Trick or Treat smell my feet
We the illest trick or treaters in the Autumn streets
There’s a duke of Thanksgiving and a Christmas queen
But come October we’re the kings of Halloween

VERSE 2 (Pumpkin King)

You have awakened the spirit of the pumpkin king.
By pissing on the spirit of Halloween
It’s a season for fun but you jerks play dirty
Plus you shouldn’t be out here at the age of 30
You two losers are going down
For only I can wear the pumpkin crown
Your reign is over now I’ll make you my biatch
I sentence you to prison in my pumpkin piatch
You’re clearly the master can’t we just be friends
Here’s a shiny apple to make amends
Don’t mind if I do that looks delicious
AHHH razor apple! This isn’t nutritious
Damn, he threw it in his grill he didn’t even look
That’s the oldest trick in the trick or treat book
Sorry bout your throat son I bet that stings
That’s what you get when you mess with the kings

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