We're Going On a Bear Hunt! (A Kids Song)

Wow I just have to say that...This song is addicting and if you wanna hear it in real life go on youtube to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzIcu6tbEko&feature=related I babysit kids at my rec center and we dance to this a lot!

Created by xxwolfrawrxx on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey everybody! We're going on a bear hunt! Are you afraid?
(Kids: I'm not afraid! *shakes heads no*)
(stomps feet as in hiking)
We're going on a bear hunt!
(Kids: We're going on a bear hunt!)
Take pictures with my camera!
(Kids:Take pictures with my camera! *pretend to take pictures*)
Open up the door, squeak!
(Kids: Open up the door, squeak! *pretends to open door*)
Walk down the road
(Kids: Walk down the road *marches, pretending to be on a road)
Coming to a wheatfield!
(Kids: *still marching* Coming to a wheatfield!)
Can't go under it.
(Kids: Can't go under it *motions to doan under motion, sorta like a crawl*)
Can't go over it.
(Kids: Can't go over it *motions to climb over it*)
Hafta go through it!
(Kids: Hafta go through it! *makes vertical slicing motions with hands making a sha-sha sound while still marching*)
Got through the wheatfield.
(Kids: Got through the wheatfield*still marching*)
Coming to a bridge.
(Kids: Coming to a bridge*still marching*)
Can't go under it.
(Kids: Can't go under it *shaking heads no*)
Hafta walk over it!
(Kids: Hafta walk over it! *nods and starts to march more over the bridge, making a clicking noise with tongue*)
Got over the bridge.
(Kids: *marching again* Got over the bridge.)
Coming to a tree.
(Kids: Coming to a tree *marching*)
Can't go under it.
(Kids: Can't go under it. *marching*)
Guess we'll hafta climb[1] it!
(Kids: Guess we'll hafta climb it! *marching*)
Climb to the top!
(Kids: Climb to the top! *pretend to climb tree*)
Do you see a bear?
(Kids: Do you see a bear? *pretend to search by shielding eyes from light looking around*)
(Kids: *shaking heads no* No)
Let's climb down.
(Kids: Let's climb down. *pretend to climb down*)
Coming toa river.
(Kids: Coming to a river. *marching again*)
Can't go under it.
(Kids: Can't go under it *shaking heads no with marching*)
Can't fly over it.
(Kids: Can't fly over it *shaking heads no with marching*)
Let's get in the boat!
(Kids: Let's get in the boat! *sits or stands holding hands with another infront of them and pulls one another in turn like rowing a boat*)
Got across the river.
(Kids: *marching again* Got across the river.)
Coming to a cave.
(Kids: *still marching* Coming to a cave.)
Can't go under it.
(Kids: *marching and shaking their heads no* Can't go under it.)
Can't go over it.
(Kids: *marching and shaking heads no* Can't go over it.)
(whisper) Tip toe inside...
(Kids: *tiptoeing and whispering* Tip toe inside...)
It's dark in here.
(Kids: *still tip toeing and whispering* It's dark in here.)
Is anyone around?
(Kids: *whispering, tiptoeing and looking around* Is anyone around?)
I see two eyes!
(Kids: I see two eyes! *in place*)
And a big furry body...
(Kids: And a big furry body...)
Let's take a puh-puh-picture!
(Kids: Let's take a puh-puh-picture!)
(Kids: RUN! IT'S A BEAR!*start to run around*)
Back to the river!
Row your boat across!
(Kids: *still running* *does that activity again quickly*)
Run to thetree!
(Kids: *Running*)
Climb up! [2]
(kids: *pretend to hastily climb up*)
Climb down!
(kids: *climb downfast* *start to run again*)
Run to the bridge!
Cross it!
(kids: *running* *fast clicking tongue noises and running over bridge*)
Run through the wheatfield!
(Kids: *running making the sha-sha noise cutting through the wheat quickly*)
Run down the road!
(Kids: *running around again*)
Open up the door, quick!
(Kids: *pretending to open door*)
(Kids: *pretend to slam door*)
(Kids: *sighing in relief,wiping their foreheads*)
We made it...
(Kids: Whew, we made it...)
...Hey everybody, let's go on a bear hunt! Are you afraid?
(Kids: *shaking heads no* No *giggles*)
[1] I personally would go around it, but this person who made it is too good for that...
[2] FortheGreek gods sakes I would not waste my time climbing if a bear was chasing after me....

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