Naruto shippuden ending 12 "For you" by AZU lyrics

Here are the japanese and english lyrics. I do not own the music,lyrics, or naruto/naruto shippuden in any way. Enjoy!~

Created by slayerzLOL on Thursday, February 04, 2010


Koko ni aru no wa kimi ga i mama dera n da michi no

Kotae tachiyo hora jishin motte susumeba ii

Totemo shitsen nano ameagari no

Asufaruto ni nija ga kakaku you ni

LONELY kaze ga fuite

FEELNG kigatsui ta yo

Kotae wa doko ni mo na ikedo

CALL ME wakatteru wa

WITH YOU ai wa itsumo

Atae au mono


Kitto kimi wa itsumo hi ka

Kono saba o totte hasu de kara

Nando tsuma tsuita kushite mo FOR YOU

Taisetsu na kotto wa hitotsu

Yume ni kotto kokoro dakewa tozasanaida ite

Here are the answers of the path you chose up to now.

Look, just go on by yourself

It's very natural, like a rainbow over

Asphalt after a rainfall

A Lonely wind blew and

A Feeling dawned on me

There aren't any answers anywhere

Call me, I got it already

With you, we'll always

Love each other

For You

I'm sure one day you will

Be able to fly in the sky

No matter how many times we've stumbled For You

There's only one thing important

Which is to dream

So at least, keep your heart open

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