Say Ahh (Remix Asian Version) :)

Say ahh Remix asian version.

Created by Jaboi701 on Monday, February 15, 2010

Say Ahh Remix
-(JRA):(acoustic)Go girl its ur bday open wide i kno ur thirsty say ahh say ahh cuz we dont buy no drinks at the bar we pop champagne cuz we got that dough lemma hear u say ahh if u wanna say ahh.yeaa.(Hiphop)Alright now we got Lilcrazed,Traphik,D-Pryde,J.reyez,haha and its me J.R.A.Go girl its ur bday open wide i kno ur thirsty say ahhh(ah ah ah ah ah ah)say ahhh cuz we dont buy no drinks at the bar we pop champagne cuz we got that dough(we got that dough)lemma hear u say ahh say ahhh.
-(D-Pryde):Champagne For a minor I got mitosis.Move real slow so my thoughts like lotion.I aint too young to pop that rosei.knocked up board no im not seth rogen.the girl on my raidor no im not like first is tryin hide on some pot like no shit.Blame it all on the alcohol lets go and if u feelin on wat im drinking crank ur jaw wide open.Take a picture chick i aint on a board bitch put me on some santana champ cuz its so crisp.and that drink got me speaking like clara clara clara but then imma scratch like era era era.So baby put ur hands in the ara ara ara.from the man u kno michael sara sara happy in the bedroom baby i can bog it out and baby say I aint the person u be sucking on.
-(chorus)-J.R.A:Go girl its ur bday open wide i kno ur thirsty say ahh say ahhh cuz we dont buy no drinks at the bar we pop champagene cuzz we got that dough say ahh
-(Lil Crazed):1 shot 2 shots aww u kno the rest confession my intension help u drop ur dress down.Fiddle a little to make a whistle like a ref sound.and the way you get it "up", i'm sure i can't be let "down" wow, work it like assistants, we can get it, i can hit it, we dont need commitment, skip the digits, look delicious, i cannot resist it, excuse me miss but this is just a one night visit!, and don't forget it, make ya gifted on ya birthday, ya jaw looking dry, lift it if ya thirstay, and say "ahh" even if you're scared to, just say "ahh" kinda like i scared you(BOO), ha, i'll give you something to see but u know me, i'll take it to another degree cuz i'ma bachelor but i'm gon' give you the master's and make you say "ahh" like you just seen casper!
-(J.Reyez):Go grl its ur bdayy.what's ur favorite drink im just doing a little code but im just trynna get my flo-sicker.In the club,im on role im a go-getter.See a girl lookin fine i mean mo-licker.I can tell by the swag she a gold digger.Baby girl you cant try with the wink Im J.Reyez watcha think im gonna buy u a drink?I go up in the shots of redbull and vodkas 2010 AINT NOBODY THAT CAN STOP US. uh my head spinning like me her number pin it to my blackberry phone.She got it goin on with the great looks. she take a pic and upload on her facebook. heading new replaced for the night she tweet about it the next day she feelin right she wont forget about it
-(Traphik):Now once upon a time not long ago
There was chic that was a lady and she wasnt a hoe
But then I bought a couple shots and I squeezed her behind She started liftin up her skirt and proceeded to grind I said im not that type of guy thats gonna buy you a car Im just tryna to take you to the crib and make you a star I got a camera, the stamina, a whip and some chains How bout we smack it up rip it down and sip on some pain (champagne) See I grind all day and at night I play hard And I never hit it raw, I dont want a JR crazed when I wanted it, and started to reyez So I smashed it like it some traphik and she swallowed my pryde Its ya birthday baby you can do what you want You aint a hoe, u just partyin and havin some fun This aint a one night stand, shawty you is a ten So just hit me up next week and we can do it again

-Singers:J.R.A,j.reyez.D-pryde,Lil crazed,Traphik

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