Last Cross(English version)

This music is by Mitsuoka Masami and its suppose to be in Japanese. So i went and find the English version. Its also the Reborn opening#5 extended. Please enjoy and rate.

Created by CrazyHealturtle on Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey, it wasn’t destiny that brought us together
I think I was just the last place
You took refuge in

Still, that was the inevitable beginning
Fragments of a long buried memory
Not even able to fade away
I’m remembering them as they were, even now
Someday it will all surely be connected…and never disappear…

*In this age of rust
I’ll forever be praying here
For this to be the last one
For the end to come quickly to everything that troubles you…

Hey, the dazzling and tantalizing eternity we vowed that day
Was actually more distorted than anything else
Yes, we knew it from the start

I want to focus on tomorrow more than anyone
Though I know walking forward means bearing a cross on my back
Before anything could begin to quietly fall apart
I would always hold them tight so they could never leave me
Someday it will all surely become as one…just as I imagined…

In this rusting landscape
We’ll be searching for a glimmer forever
Yes, I pray for a tomorrow I can be proud of
For everything that makes you happy to be close to me…


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