Adventure Time- Evicted Song

Created by MewJaquline on Thursday, June 03, 2010


So Finn and jake

set off to find a new home!

It's gonna be tough

for a kid and his dog on their own!

There's a little house

aww Finn's stick'in his foot in!

But that's a bad idea dude, 'cuz know that bird thinks your a jerk Finn!

Now their chill'in on a side of a hill

think'in liv'in in a cloud would be totally thrill'in!

But once they find

something inside

like a mean cloud man, and his beatuful cloud bride!

Bee-hive oh no!

Don't put your foot in there guy!

Ya'll tryed that before

and you know it didn't turn out right!

Big shell, go inside, look around, it seems all right

Frog jumps out, evole's a tiger!

Thorw'in down postions for food and fire!

You know you shoul've stayed.

And fought that sexy vampire lady

But jake was feeling terifiyed of her vampire bite

Which is understanable

'cuz vampires are really poweful

Their un-rea-son-a-ble

and burn't out on dealing with mortals

Oh Marceline!

Why are you so mean?

I'm mean i'm a thousand years old, and I just lost trak of my mortal code!

Oh Marceline!

Can't you see these guys are in pain?

No I can't!I'm invested in this very cute video game!

So there go our boys

Walk'in on the icey ground!

Heading towards their destiny, im sure they'll figure somethin out

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