I Owe It All to Him

Eh... Well yeah. It was a top rated song when I published it.... Hope you like it, too.

Created by LittleYanYan on Monday, July 12, 2010

I dreamt of rolling fields where nothing grew but weeds,
but then a white rose sprouted right from beneth my feet.
I gently touched it's moonlight petals,
and watched as they turned red with blood.
I ran my hands down the stem,
I cried until my very heart gave in.
I awoke with tears running down my face,
And then I finally understood what my life was missing.
There was a limit in the amount of pain I could endure,
and my tears kept roaring on like a storm.
(Chorus Begin)
And I already knew...
That it's all because of you,
I've been afraid to sleep for so long.
When I do I always have the same dream,
of drowning in my own tears.
I'm longing for your love,
only then may I lay my head down.
I'll cling on to your voice,
all you have to do is,
love me too!
(Chorus End)
But it's too late for all that now,
within my dreams the drenched red petals brown.
Dried up and dead they wither back into the ground,
but it's too late for me to care now.
I can finally live independantly now.
But still theres not a single second that goes by,
that I don't remember it's pain and regrets.
I've passed the limits which many can not go.
And I've said my fare-wells to that killer storm.
Now all thanks to yo!
I can have something said now!
And all I do is dream,
of me and him roaming in the feild full of life!
Now with the most of ease,
I may lay my head down.
I can't beleive that it was all thanks to you...
It was all thanks to you boy...
All thanks to you,
I haven't shed a tear in so long.
When I do I fell,
the joy of being in his arms.
I now know,
I belong inside of his arms instead now.
Now I actually beileve in miracles,
not done by men with wings.
It was you that left me here in the cold,
to be found by this angelic guy.
I owe it all to you,
so if you ever need my help,
just shout my name!
They'll be no more of me...
(Chorus Repeat)
--Dedicated to...

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