Nutrition Month Jingle

ok, this is our nutrition month jingle, for all the pinoys out there who's looking for jingles, come here!

Created by BoredToDeath006 on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

=-=-=-=-= (Hey Mickey)Hey baby you look fineStart Eating right,
Eat healthy! (2x)======================(Its Nice to be happy)Healthy, shalalaits nice to be healthy, shalalaEVerybody needs to be healthy, shalala
healthy is good.....=============kaming (put your team here), (echo)Malulusog, (echo)MatatalinoHindi katulad ng iba,Kaming (put your team here), (echo)Magagaling (echo)MatatalinoKaya't Kumain ng sapatTimbang ang Katapat========================Het Hey You youstart eating healthy,no way no way we love junk foods
no way, noway......

(sorry ni forgot the next part but i hope this will be helpful!)

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