Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance.

It's a translation by Rockleetist on youtube. Check her out, she's really good !

Created by AiekaTanashi on Thursday, November 18, 2010

I was born only to share my love with you
What is this thrill I feel deep within my heart?
Still I whisper through these thin walls so sweetly
"You are mine and we will never be apart."

I will find all of your lovely little secrets
Every one; discover all there is to see.
And if I could feel the curves of your body
Touch it so that you would lust only for me.
Oh my, my! Do you have a guest in your arms?
Such a cute little thing with all those golden curls.
Tell me, tell me darling how much you love her.
Maybe I will slaughter your precious pretty girl!
I will burn in a fire photographs of your desire!
I wonder if she knows of me ?
You can use and abuse! Do anything I won't refuse!
To prove I love you more, don't you see?

I'll hold you close. I'll break you in.
Let's raise a toast to our final sin.

Why is it you're crying? What's wrong, baby ?
What's the matter, lover? Don't worry your little head.
I'm only holding the box I built for you.
That I can keep forever with me once you are dead!
It was I who placed that gift at your door..
I hope it was everything you're asking for..
A bloody kitten head just for you..
Who loves cats as much as you do...?

I will burn in the flames every trace of her name!
I wonder if her life's clock still ticks?
"I love you" is so cliche`; filthy words that you've betrayed!
I know it makes me feel like I'd be sick!
I'll make you see; force you to be.
In love with me eternally.

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