Put on your Thinking Cap

here is a little song I remember that my music teacher forced us to memorize in he third grade! I looked it up and found the lyrics! Lyric credit: music-lyricsonline.com. I just thought that you all would enjoy this song! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >:) (Let me know if anyone remembers this song by rating it)

Created by mushroomsonfire on Friday, November 19, 2010

chorus #1
put on your thinking cap
put your brain in motion
throw out your limits, and focus on devotion
put your enegery and attention
into matters of invention
put out the effort and think of something new
innovation... invention... creation... exploration
innovation... invention... creation... exploration
chorus #2
wake up your sleeping brain
time to find a new gear
throw out those habits, that bog you down in your fear
put your attitude at attention
let it lead you to invention
put on your thinking cap think of something new
everything we kow had to come from somewhere
someone had to think it up somewhere along the way
someone had to stretch, had to reach, had to push the limits and the boundaries of the world in their day
just because something isn't here now doesn't mean it can't be, won't be, couldn't be
think it up, dream it up, make it up, bring it on, fill your own page of human history
chorus #1
chorus #2

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