Dragon Ball Z Kai Theme Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to dbz kai theme song! (also if u are a dbz fan read "I meet Dragon Ball Z Kai" chapters 1-7,and "Together Forever" all published by kenaino.My sister had to litterly sream my name in my ear because i was enjoying the story so much.) kenaino if u are reading this i am a big fan of ur stories and u!!!!!!:Dalso i am a fan of bulletfan1019 that made "I Only Need You To Keep the Saiyan Blood Alive pt.1-the 2 endings",DragonBallFreak,wolfriders,and all my other friends

Created by dragonballzkaigoku on Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mysteries abound made of a deep
energy ~energy~ Foes all around but I will go fearless and free! I'll give u strength you give me love that's how we'll live.~that's how we'll live~
My courage won't fade! If your with me my enemies will never win! We will fight for love and glory! We will live to tell the story! There's nothing we can't live through! Nothing ever dies that will rise again! Don't stop don't stop we're in luck now! Don't stop there's so much to be found!When can't find paradise all we have to do is go go FREE your soul! DRAGON SOUL!!!

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