Don't Hate; Appreciate

Just wrote this in the morning, Just about somebody hating on you and trying to steal your bf because that person wants him as well. Its kinda childish

Created by xxKristinaaRosexx on Friday, February 25, 2011

Choras- Don't Hate, Appreciate Don't Hate, Appreciate Don't Hate, Appreciate

Jealously and envy will get you
know where
This is your only life,
don't waste it on hatin and

Verse One-
Spreading Rumors, talking about
melike im some infacuation, stop
flirting with my boyfriend
everytime I turn away, He don't
want you, so stop trying because
your wasting your time, Why don'tyou get a life because hatin on me
ain't one

Verse Two-
You used to be the queen bee, geteverything you ever wanted, stellar
clothes, all the guys drooled over
you but except one, he wanted me
instead of you, now you're mad, is
that my fault? No its not! Now, you hatin, for what? Cause I have
something you don't have . Grow
up, he isn't some shiny toy to play
with. He has feeling, ad you just
want what you can't have

Verse 3-
Wow Im using hate a lot in this
song! Wonder why...? Oh yeah
cause of you! Why don't you stop
hatin and appreciate! Appreciate
me because Im not letting you ruin
my life, You can hate on me all
youwant, It just makes me

(Choras x2)

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