minecraft TNT

minecraft lyrics suported by TNT block kill a pig aweeeeeeeeeee poor pig lol ME WANT COOKED PORKCHOPS (have to call it bacon or the song would suck)

Created by zekforce on Friday, June 03, 2011

I came to dig dig dig dig.Build oh so big big big big.Just wait a sec got to kill this pig pig pig pig.cook me some bacon take a swig swig swig swig.There must be something I can craft.To Ease the burden of this task YEAH.I SHOOT MY ARROWS IN THE AIR SOMETIMES SAYIN AO CREPPERS KO'D!LOOT HIS REMAINS AND ITS SULPHERS MINE SAYING AO NOT TODAY NO!Then I'll go to work uder the birch tree where i'll make myself tons of TNT.And I'll use blocks to build a big city and i'll mine it all using TNT.YEAH I SHOOT MY ARROWS IN THE AIR SOMETIMES SAYING AY CREEPERS KO'D.LOOT HIS REMAINS THEN ITS SULPHERS MINE SAYING AO NOT TODAY NO!!!!

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