iParty with Victorious Rap-Battle

Hey.This Is Made By Me Ashley Yugito Ho!And If Anyone Who Knows Me Sees This I Did Not Make This.Um......Mr. Fuzzy

Created by SoUlStEaLeRgAnStEr on Monday, July 04, 2011

I'm HoT bUt I aIn'T tAkInG iT bACk
CuZ EvErYoNe KnOwS cHiCKS cAnT Rap
I'm So CoOl I mAkE tHeRmOmEtErS dRoP
BuT wItH mY lYrIcS sO hOt I mAkE tHeMoMeTeRs PoP
CuZ mE i AlWaYs GeT tHiNgS PoPpInG aNd YoU..........
ShOuLd StIcK tO sHoPpInG
I bAtTlEd BeTtEr BuT tHeY cAmE aNd WeNt
FaCe It Sam U WaNt To OpEn An AcT,ThEn I'm ThE mAiN eVeNt
Move Shirley
YeAh YeAh YeAh WhIcKa WhIcKa WhIcKa FrEsH OoOh
Oh HoW cUtE a RaPpInG PuPpEt
YoU'rE mOrE Of A ReJecTeD MuPpEt
AnD i'M sO fAmOuS yOu FiNd My NaMe On A bLoG
BuT NoT yOu HoMiE
Rex Is NaMe Of A dOg
MoVe OvEr HiPpIe ResPeCTtFuL YoU ThInK YoU'rE tHe BoMb
WhErE yOu GeT Your Pant?tweTetpants.com?
WeLl ToO bAd LiTtLe ReXo AnD ChArLiE
CuZ yOuR FrEeStYlE aInT nOtHiNg CoMpArEd To iCarly
ThEy HeArD yOu RaPpInG aNd It WaS LiKe Me
ThEn I ShOwEd Up aNd EvErYoNe WaS LiKe YEAH!!
So FaCe It ReX yOu CoUlDn'T Rap
If I StApLeD hIs LiPs AnD ToOk ThAt HaNd OuT oF YoUr BaCk

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