Ten-Faced Gumi Megpoid English Lyrics

Created by CorruptedApple on Saturday, December 17, 2011

The first me was nothing but a girl
who failed with her feelings of love
so she made up some new personalities
And our conciousness interchange
Three - Refusing to accept our memories
Four - We lived our seperate lives
Five - Acting like almost anyone
Six - Is how she protected herself
Seven - We don't share our memories
Eight - We don't even know each other exist
Nine - Time kept on passing, so
There are ten - Ten totally different people
The tenants who dwell inside
All fell into love with the same person
With all of this ignored
this was his sole reply
"I can only love one of those people inside of you!"
How our connected hearts began to race so quickly
and we tried to slow
our plain rapid pulse
It's like you're an entirely different person
whenever you come to see me
Each time, my chest always constricted
And I was so easily captivated
But I still really need to talk to you
I've already told one of you, but...
I can only love one person
I can only choose one personality
What do you mean, mutiple personalities?
Hey, why are you smiling?
The ten people inside of me
They all already know
Their reason for their being is... Wait, huh?
I want to get my hands on one strand of love
But I suppose that I'm already done
So, for the finale, let's all have a short laugh
So, goodbye, and welcome back
To the good, old, original me

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