Breathless(all it takes)

I have written something recently in my journal so if you read that it explains this song. enjoii :D by the way the pictures i use are always me. I go to cool websites to change up my picks.

Created by zOmBiE3LuV14 on Saturday, December 24, 2011

Were standing in the rain
your waiting for me
Hand in hand
i want you to kiss me
my head is on your shoulder
i can hardly stand
dont want this moment to be over
then you let go of my hand
i fade away
this is a perfect rainy day
i want us to stay
but suddenly
u let go of me
u leave me breathless
one touch is all it takes
Are you leaving?
are you crying?
im not hezitating im just tired of "sorry's"
Are you dieing?
Are you lieing?
You leave me breathless
one look is all it takes
Im standing in the rain
im here all alone
i can see you
yet u cant see me
am i the one thats fading?
whats happened to us lately?
I didnt know i was leaving u like that
but u did the same to me
in the past
(pre c- then chorus)
im lieing in the rain
u can back for me
u take me in your arms
u look so alarmed
i use my last breath
to say these words...
it starts with..."i love you with all my heart"
im done dieing

your crying
im gone, im over this
your heart is filled with my bliss
one touch is
all that it takes it leaves us breathless
wont u come with me?
its a never ending happiness

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