I'll Never Be Good Enough For You

maybe one day I will be, but lately, it seems unlikely.

Created by Twtaforeverrr on Sunday, January 08, 2012

You don't even need to say it
I can see the answer in your eyes
Even though you act like there's something between us,
I know there isn't anything here

I'll never be good enough for you
If it's not one thing, it's the other
And you're just playing games with my heart
I don't know why I let you walk all over me,
Use me for when you need me to cheer you up
I have no problems helping you out
But I just wish you'd be sensitive to my feelings
Though I know, I'll never be good enough for you

Every time you look at me,
I can't even begin to describe how I get inside
Like a whirlwind of hope crashed into me
'cause you dared to acknowledge my existance
'cause your eyes dared to notice me again
And then you dare to speak to me,
But I just keep imagining something unreal
I'll never be good enough for you

My heart breaks slowly
As you walk away without a goodbye
I know we aren't as close as we once almost were
But I still wish you'd give me a little more chances than you do
Although I know I can't change the past,
I can't make you forget the time I cut you out of my life
By the time I wanted you back, you decided to let go

I'll never be good enough for you
Even though the sparks fly we both lock eyes,
When we touch, I know you feel it too
It's still not enough
[Chorus Repeat]

And now you're standing there,
Acting like you don't even care
Like you don't see me a few steps away
I see your eyes trying not shift my way
I don't even know who to blame
The the way we are
[Chorus Repeat]

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