Vocaloid ~ Trick and Treat (English lyrics)

These are not my lyrics. I saw video on youtube of a girl's fandub of this song and liked her lyrics. So I decided to post them here. Enjoy. :3

Created by Sapphirex12 on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calling sweet, calls from deep, dark woods
Become a clear hypnotic deadly melody
Draws you in, pulls you closer and closer,
To that edge that darkens every fantasy

Hurry now, hurry now, I call,
Listen my voice will guide you safely through the night
Let's begin, let's begin, fun and games,
Beware that straying only gets you dreams of fright

Delicious sticks with candy strips,
Fill fancy not just appetite
Thinking this is all but a show,
Won't make the syrup stop its flow

Sweetness turns out bitter when you find
Your self slowly starting to drown
Delusion dreams will solve everything,
So close your eyes and sleep now...

Dreams only work if you believe,
The hallucinations are reality
Cheating and peaking through the fold,
I doubted you would ever be so bold!

You have revealed that you hands are tied,
That you wrists are bound and dragging at my heels
There's no escape, it's far too late,
It's already been done, a deal

(Intsrumental break)

Sometimes, I think, I see a bit
Of doubt reflected in the shining blade
Fading in, fading out, never stays
There is no room for pity in this dreamy place

There's a hole in the blindfold you see,
But you'll just wish you never even tried to peek
If you must you can look, but be warned
This world was not made and not meant for the weak

My my! Well what a wicked child
You barely slept a wink at all
If the blindfold keeps falling off,
Then shall I put out an eye ball?

Sweetness turns so bitter when you find,
You're just fattened up for the meal
It's all just a game, what? Don't you like to play?
Why such a frightened face?

Hide and seek...
Over here!
(Sinister laughter)

Closing your eyes won't do a thing
We'll be here waiting when you come out of hiding
You volunteered, so play with me,
Don't lose your mind so easily!

Don't be afraid it's just our game,
Trick and treats the name,
And mischief is our aim

Tasty and sweet,
A tempting treat,
So go on and eat yourself to sleep

Hazy, cool mist surrounds the nights,
And conceals the lies till everything's alright
Fanciful lies, like butterflies
Spread out their wings, take off in flight

Come run away down candy lane,
Full of ginger men and a field of sugar cane
Drenched in a dream,
The sweetest dream

But save me some
Save some for me!

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