Happy Feet 2 - Erik's Opera

This song was put in Happy Feet 2and i love it cuz it touches ur heart and it really gets to you some people laugh which i hate but i love it. Hope you like and if u know the lyrics please tell me if i got it wrong thank you

Created by SasoriDanna23 on Thursday, January 19, 2012

After all you have done
You really deserve better
Nothing makes sence in this world
Its all a big pile of crazy
And the kings are all fools
Where is thehonor when a solemn promise
Is just a pretty lie
And the mighty mock the courage
Of the humble
Although hes just an ordinary penguin
My daddy taught me
You dont need to be colossal
To be a great heart
You dont need to Fly
To be awesome
My Hero
My father...

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