bad day

hey these would pobly soun sucky to you but its ment to be a screamo song soo...

Created by BVBsvampirevictoria13 on Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eyes sewed shut i cannot see
why is everything so fucking far from me?
burn me little sister and i'll cut a little deeper an accidental throw backfires with tears of blood every tim i see her
across the border i cannot reach
why is everything so fucking far from me
cousin make me green with your height of opportunity
kill all my dreams you're popping my seems the blood drips but no one even sees
it was she who's born lucky
why is everything so fucking far from me
disapoint you mother explain what you are crying for
the blood pours and I will only cry more
i should be happy with all i see
why is everthing so fucking far from me?
with a bad day behind me what so get 3 scars a broken heart
and it's still not over yet.
i will sit in this purple pitt and wait for the one with the voice to sing my fate
and i will only be numb until this one comes
i will be woken from my sleep
my wounds will cease to bleed and will all be healed
no matter how deep

{bleeding ,sleeping , waiting
when will you
come} X4

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