Snowstorm-Mizore Shirayuki

When I heard this off of Rosario Vampire I fell in love with it, so here are the english lyrics to it.

Created by RockOutAngel on Sunday, March 11, 2012

Walls of ice build around my frozen heart

Start to melt with the warmth of your desire

can this be love I feel for you now

Please don’t tell me you can’t take it

Since the day our stars burst in line

My whole world’s been frozen in time

I love you so much I could die

And I can’t sleep at night

There is a Snowstorm

There is a Snowstorm

it’s blowing through out the walls of my heart

There is a Snowstorm

There is a Snowstorm

take of chance to the depths of my emotion

Now I’m yours, I’m a prisoner of passion

Here is a link to the song on Youtube:

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