Touhou Bad Apple!! (English Lyrics)

Here are some the lyrics to a song called Bad Apple from the Touhou series. There is a Japanese version of the song and an English version, which is sung by Christina Vee. I DID NOT WRITE THESE LYRICS!! Also, this isn't even half of the song. So... if the lyrics move you or whatever, I strongly suggest you look up the song because you will fall in love with it!!

Created by xXCronaForeverXx on Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ever on and on
I continue, circling
With nothing but my hate
In a carrousel of agony
Till slowly I forget
And my heart starts vanishing
And suddenly I see
That I can't break free
I'm slipping through the cracks
Of a dark eternity
With nothing but my pain
And the paralyzing agony
To tell me who I am
Who I was
Enveloping my mind till I can't break free
And maybe it's a dream
Maybe nothing else is real
But it wouldn't mean a thing
If I told you how I feel
So I'm tired of all the pain
Of the misery inside
And I wish that I could live
Feeling nothing but the night
You can tell me what to say
You can tell me where to go
But I doubt that I would care
And my heart would never know
If I make another move
There'll be no more turning back
Because everything would change
And it all would fade to black.

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