Call Me Maybe (Rolanda Version)

Created by popstar3636 on Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Call me maybe parodyALEX:I met this girl she's so fine,I wish I could call her mine,It's just a matter of time,Until I find my way.I've got my handsome good looksI even know how to cook.My heart she already took.I will find my way.Her hair was flowing,Short skirt legs were showing,Give me a chance and before you know it,You'll be falling for me baby!
ROLANDA: HI MY NAME'S ROLANDA!You're such a hottie,Can I kiss you,I want your body,ALEX: Ew your so ugly,Your gross and smelly,ROLANDA: Can I kiss you,I want your body,Why you no like me,I so pretty,Can I kiss you,I want you body.ALEX: Ew your face is crooked,no symetry,Please go away now,Don't call me 'baby'
ROLANDA:Oh my god why did he leave?Is it because of my lips,or my enormous round hips,I don't what the problem is,I will find my way,And what I feel is so real,His heart's the one I will steal,I'll love him till my last tear,I will find my way.His body sexy,Nice skin can I touch it,I cannot resist you,Here I go I'm going for it!
ROLANDA:HI MY NAME'S ROLANDA!ALEX: What? Get out! Go!ROLANDA: But I love you.ALEX: No. Get out!
ROLANDA:Before I saw you with my eyes,I was so sad,I was so so sad.I then I saw you with my eyes,And you know that,I was so so sad
ROLANDA: Who are you?RICHARD: Hey I'm Richard.ROLANDA: Hi my name's Rolanda.RICHARD: Do you have a boyfriend?ROLANDA: Yes he's upstairs.ALEX: No I'm not GO HOME!ROLANDA: Whatever. He's a jerk but he's MY jerk.ALEX: NO I'M NOT! GO AWAY!RICHARD: But I could treat you WAY much better.ROLANDA: Whatever. Look I gotta go! I'M COMING BABY! Richard: She wants me

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