You and me together,forever

please don't make fun of it I just wrote it...

Created by RosexSky on Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I once was heart broken then I found you.Then it happened so fast.Love blew past me and you.Would it be you and me together forever?Thats all I wanted to know.You need to discover the girl I am...You and me together forever.

So I stayed right there by your seemed glad.Why dosen't anyone except our love?They say it won't last.I have hope,and you don't!!!I don't care what they say!!!!I love you!!!thats all that matters!!thats....all...that..matters!!!!yeah.You and me together forever!!

I first saw you with her.then I thought I wouldn't have a chance.but here we are 10 years later.I guess we proved them wrong.So I knew it would be you and me together and me together forever.yeah...

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