BaKiT NgA Ba MaHaL KiTa (wHy Is It ThAt i LoVe YoU)... <with English translation>... by Roselle Nava


Created by aKinLanGsiDraCo on Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita(Why is it that I Love You)
by Roselle Nava

Kapag ako ay nagmahal
Isa lamang at wala nang iba pa
Iaalay buong buhay
Lumigaya ka lang, lahat ay gagawin

Tumingin ka man sa iba
Magwawalang-kibo na lang itong puso ko
Walang sumbat na maririnig
Patak ng luha ko ang iniwang saksi

Bakit nga ba mahal kita
Kahit 'di pinapansin ang damdamin ko
'Di mo man ako mahal, ito pa rin ako
Nagmamahal nang tapat sa 'yo

Bakit nga ba mahal kita
Kahit na may mahal ka mang iba
Ba't baliw na baliw ako sa 'yo
Hanggang kailan ako magtitiis
O, bakit nga ba mahal kita

Ano man ang sabihin nila
Pagtingin ko sa 'yo'y 'di kailan man magmamaliw
Buong buhay paglilingkuran kita
'Di naghahangad ng ano mang kapalit

[Repeat 2nd Stanza]
[Repeat CHORUS twice]

O, bakit nga ba mahal kita


When I love someone
It's only one and nobody else
i will offer my whole life
Just for you to be happy, i will do anything


You might look at another one
This heart of mine would just not beat
You wont hear any complaint
These tears that fall are the only witness

Why is it that I love you
Even though you don't notice these feelings of mine
You might not love me, I'm still here
Loving you truthfully

Why is it that I love you
Even though you love someone else
Why is it that 'm so crazy about you
Until when will I be suffering
oh, why do I love you


Whatever they may say
My feelings for you will never fail
My whole life Iwill serve you
Not expecting for anything in return
(Repeat 2nd stanza and Chorus 2x)

Oh, why is it that i love you..


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