my love, my fate


Created by TheWhiteRaven856 on Sunday, November 11, 2007

my love, my fate

i feel as though my heads spinning
my heart beating so quickly
i feel warm inside

is this love?
am i truly and honestly in love?
or is it my fate to stand here in the shadows
and watch him go

i am not to say a word
for i cannot risk the rejection
from my love

is it my fate?
to stand here in the dark
wondering, oh, wondering
"will he ever notice me?"

NO i will not stand by and wait
i shall go up to him
i shall tell

but then i see him playing
playing the piano and my voice stops
i can hear the sorrow and pain he has as he plays

i run to him and hug him and say
"everything will be alright"
even though i don't know for certain if thats true

but at least he is happy now
and if he is happy then i am happy

this my love
my fate

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