Carrying You-Laputa English Lyrics

english lyrics i was so happy to find this plus i found iot actually sung in English!!

Created by Akura3355 on Monday, November 19, 2007

in the stillness of the night
in the distance there's a light
the horizon is a glow
And it's you that's there I know
why the lights appear so bright
it's because with all their might
they're trying to hide you from me
But I'll soon be there set you free

Yes, the time for me has come
To set out on my way
loaf of bread,knife and lamp in my bag
I'm standing up today

I'm taking along with me dad's determined mind
while watching over me
is mom's sweet eyes, so kind

and the earth goes round and round
to the rythm of your sights
in search of you i'm bound
just the sparkle of your eyes
so the earth goes round and round
while sailing throught the skies
in no time at all you shall be found
I'll bring you out of your disguise

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