Best Friends ('Till the End)

This is a song I wrote about me and my friends.We'll probably sing it in our band that we're making.

Created by Ebosbuddy94 on Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girl,what did I tell ya?He wasn't the right boy.

Buddy,don't be sad,I heard his real name is Roy!

Hey,I do know something that he

Doesn't have,and guess what?That's me!

Best friends,'till the end

I'm there for you no matter what.

Best friends,'till the end

I'll just kick his sorry butt!

Girl,don't let them get to you

Because I dont' think they're so cool.

That stupid girl,with her wanna-bes.

Don't you wanna bet they all have fleas?

Best friends,'till the end

We're cool,who cares what they say?

Best friends,'till the end

They're not gonna ruin our day.

Secrets,boys,stupid popular girls

They're all part of our little world.

No matter what you say,no matter what you do

I always can find a best friend in you!

Best friends,'till the end

You know,I can't live without you!

'Till the end,you're my best friend

Who knows,there's nothing that we can't do!

There's nothing that we can't do!

No,there's nothing that we can't do!

(There's nothing that we can't do.)

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