--Make My Wish Come True--

this song is someone special in my life...NOT a boy, though...two relatives close to my heart...hope you like it.... [watch out for more lyrics, I write a lot of lyrics and figure out their chords later...

Created by jviolet721 on Monday, September 29, 2008

Make My Wish Come True

I have just one wish,

When I was young and foolish

I wished upon a star,

For riches,

For popularity,

For beauty,

But now,

I’m mature,

I’m smart,

I’m better,

I have another wish,

It’s for you to understand,

That if I have a magic wand,

I would go back through time,

Even if it costs me a lot of dimes,


Just to tell you,

If it will ever be true,

That you’ll always be in my heart,

That we’ll never ever part,

So I’ll just get straight to the point,

I just wanna tell you,

That I miss you,

I take all the bad stuff back

And I’ll crush it with a heavy rock,

That I love you,

Yes, it’s true,

I’m sorry I hurt you,

So bad,

I guess its just coz I’m mad,

That you hurt me as bad,

As I did to you,

But now,

Since you’re gone,

All that left is none,

Nothing to give you,

Nothing to change,

As all the other mem’ries,

That slowly starts to fade,

Got away from my mind,

I do nothing but find,

Me leaving the past behind,

I can’t do that,

Since I wanna go back through time,

Even if it costs me a lot of dimes


I miss you,

I love you,

So if dreams do come true,

Come along and make mine true…

I’m sorry,

I showed fury,

I’m sorry,

I’m missin’ you,

I’m lovin’ you,

Please make my wish,

Come true…

>>>>>>*< <<<<<

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