I Hope You Forgive Me

Pink Lemonade..xx

Created by PinkLemonade11 on Monday, November 10, 2008

The day you caught me
In the shower
Talking loudly
With Danny Howard
That was a mistake
Not to be misunderstood
But you burned just like
You would.
Oh, yeah.
And your face
Nearly went bright red
Thought you were going to
Kick me out.
Oh, no.
Well now we're standing in the rain
With only ourselves left to blame
And I look into your eyes
To try to find the real reason
We're standing in the rain.
But I think the love is drained
So I call you up twice
It is my vice
But you won't even
And I wonder
'Bout all the things
I did wrong.
And yeah, baby,
You think I'm unfaithful.
But you don't know at that moment
I felt
So now we're standing in the rain
With only ourselves left to blame
And I feel it on your skin
The reason why
I commited that sin
But, baby.
I didn't mean to.
You have to understand
How much you
To just me.
Danny called
And asked for my opinion
Yeah, he's getting wed
But I don't
Hear any wedding bells
From our end
Of the line
Can you tell me why
So now we're standing in the rain,
I feel like all our love has drained.
And who is there to blame?
Just me and you
I hope you'll forgive me

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