Vampire Knight Guilty Opening Theme

[Season 2]

Created by OniChiHantaa on Saturday, November 15, 2008



If the white rose petals open one by one
The memories from that day will become colored

As if following a shining thread
Time flows quietly
While they run along the back and forth of the tide
People are reborn

Your smile is a warmth that melts my chest
Like a sweet dream (that I had somewhere)
Even if you’re taken by the setting sun now
Our shadows overlap

Endless and far, boundless and deep
Like destinies that mixed together
I grasped it over and over again, I lost it over and over again
The times when we were finally able to meet
As if the sky yearns for blood, the flowers wait for the rain
And the night begs for tomorrow
I yearned so much
For the fact that two hearts were one

When the white rose petals scatter one by one
Our love becomes an eternity


Shiroi bara no hanabira hitotsu futatsu hirakeba
Ano hi no kioku irozuite yuku

Hikaru ito o tadoru you ni
Toki wa shizuka ni nagarete
Michihiku yure ni soinagara
Hito wa umarekawaru

Anata no hohoemi wa mune o tokasu nukumori
(Dokoka de mita) amai yume no you
Shizumu yuuhi ni ima no kimi torarete mo
Futari no kage wa kasanatte yuku

Hateshinaku tooku kagirinaku fukaku
Majiwatta unmei no you ni
Nando mo tsukande nando mo ushinatte
Yatto meguriaeta koto
Sora ga chi o motome hana ga ame o machi
Yoru ga asu o kou you ni
Futatsu no kokoro ga hitotsu datta koto
Konna ni mo motometeta no

Shiroi bara no hanabira hitotsu futatsu chiru toki
Futari no ai wa eien ni naru

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