Standing Outside In The Pouring Rain


Created by DaydreamQueen on Sunday, December 28, 2008

I felt torn when I wasn't with you
tired of feeling lonely, not having a clue
guess that's what I get with endless wishing
stuck all alone just reminiscing
I fnd myself standing outside in the pouring rain
sick of this hurt, done playing your game
I'm packing my bags, hitting the road
find somewhere else I can go
I'll wash away all the stains
the ones you left marked on me
standing outside in the pouring rain.
Left broken,
words unspoken
no point in wishing,
won't waste my time missing
everything we had together
'cause all it causes is pain
Dark skies,
I'm teary eyed
done listening to your lies
no point in trying to hide,
the wound you left on my heart
the wound you caused by taring it apart
Pouring rain yeah-
guess that's what I get with endless wishing,
stuck all alone just reminiscing
left me broken,
words unspoken
dark skies,
teary eyed
done listening, listening to your lies
standing outside
standing outside
ooo ooo yeah
standing outside

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