I got your number

Shade: this is a spur of the moment type thing. Hail: yeah she has bleed it out in her head and she is making a new one to get it out. Shade:its true. I had been writing the lycrs down for the song and Boom its stuck so hopefully this will get it out.

Created by ShadexandxHail on Sunday, January 18, 2009

I got your number baby.
I got your number baby.
Try running all you want. but baby
I got your number.
I'll call you up change my voice
Make you fall in love with me
Cause baby I got your number.
i'm gonna show you what you did to me.
Baby i gotyour number.
Baby,i got your number
babyi gotyour number
baby I got your number.
Baby i got your number.
I'm gonna show you what you did to me
You had my number
You made me fall for you
You broke my heart.
then you tried to break my mind.
well, baby you didnt suceed.
Well, i dont think you did.
I'm going to make you fall for me
I'm gonna break your heart and your mind
I'll make you so bad, you'll be living in a straight jaket
baby, I got your number.
I'll put the number on your padded cell.
Baby i'll always have your number.
Yeah, i'll always have your number.
Baby, baby, I've got your number.
12345-6789 that's your number.
you'll never forget it.
baby, i've got your number.

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