Alice Human Sacrifice

Lyrics to the song Alice Human Sacrifice. They are by the well known computer software VOCALOID

Created by KairiTidus on Monday, January 19, 2009


The first Alice was quite gallant and courageous

She went to the wonderland, her hand wielding a sword

Her sword turned red with all the things it had cut down

She went on, spreading a truly reddened path

This Alice hid deep in the darkness of the woods

She was soon trapped in there like a filthy criminal

If it weren’t for the blood red path she made in the woods

There would’ve been no way to notice her existence


The second Alice was a tame and gentle man

He walked across the wonderland, singing a beautiful tune

As he sang his little songs, they began to create

A world filled with such madness and insanity

Such an Alice was a blue flower of rose

He soon got shot and killed by an insane man

His blood created a pattern, a truly red rose

This man who was once loved, withered away


The third Alice was quite a beauty of a child

She skipped with a fine form, to the wonderland

As she seduced various people to do her biddings

She had created a strange and bizarre country

Such an Alice was queen of the country

She possesed a nightmare of her body rotting away

Because of the nightmare of her decaying body,

she shall forever rule at the apex of her country.

Rin: Meanwhile, there were two twins who followed the reddened path

Len: they had a little tea party under the pretty rose tree

Rin: They received a special invitation to visit a queen

Len: They had and were the

Both: card of hearts.

Both twins:

The fourth Alice were two little pair of ferternal twins

They went to the wonderland, with large curiousity

They passed through various doors that lead to various places

They had just arrived not too long ago

Rin: The stubborn older sister

Len: and the intelligent younger brother

Rin: Even though they were the closest to the
Both:well-known Alice...

Those two siblings never woke up from their dream

they will now wander forever around the wonderland

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