The World is mine~English lyric~Kagamine Len

This is such a cte song love it, then I found the lyrics lol

Created by SaturnGirlOJT on Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The number one princess in the whole entire world
I know it by heart how to treat you like that
Dont I?
First off, I think Im aware when your hairstyle is different from usual
Next thing, I should bow down really low whenever I meet you, so sorry!
Lastly, I will go along with every selfish desire you ask for with a pretty concise response
Okay, so for now, please just forgive me for taking your precious hand
Okay, so for now, please just forgive me for taking your precious hand
Ill tell the truth, I dont really think you are egotistical
but I do think youre pretty cute, I just dont like saying that in front of you
The number one princess in the whole entire world
I promise to be by your side
So please smile dont show me sadness
In my point of view, we are one when were together
you gotta be kidding , if you think that I will get away from you
I love you, my lady
Check One Two!
AAAAAAAAAAAH! (Youre gonna need some cough medicine after this xD)
A fault? Well, to tell the truth, she has countless flaws
I never had a day where she doesnt say anything
whats more, she never really listens to her little brother, ya know *sigh*
well, although, that innocent smile and her cute voice that calls my name a lot
I dont despise that
Oh, dont-bug-me, leave me, I dont say those. You are the princess, ok?
I wont lie, I dont really think youre self-centered
But dont you wanna lend me a hand sometime though, Im getting kinda tired here!
The number one princess in this whole entire world of mine
To me, youre more precious than anyone else
Ill be the one to hold your hand
Are you not satisfied with me, are you gonna leave me like a toy?
Oh, I didnt mean what I said!
I was just joking, seriously!
You sure dont understand. Truly, I was joking about that stupid little statement~
What was that first song we sang together?
Oh right, "Greens the enemy", how could I forget?
I wont forget anything, I promise
Those things were memories with my blonde princess
So please dont tell me "You remembered?"
Because you also remembered that memory too.
Of course I remembered that. To me, you are
The number one princess in the whole entire world
I do watch over you, so you can just stay with your personality
My right hand reached out to your hand, it entangled with yours, and it was like squeeze!
"I just wanted to hold it, nothing more!"

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