McDonald's, I'm Lovin' It

kind of like a rap with a melodic chorus

Created by musicismylife85 on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hey, everybody

that loves the food so tasty
coming off the fire
makes you warm with desire
those soft, salty fries

that bring me by surprise

cuz everytime I look

from the corner of my eyes

I can tell when they come on by


right from the tip

of my tongue & my lip

Ican tell
from the smell

of that wonderful taste
I will let nothing good go to waste
bridge 2:
great in my tummy
so delicious & yummy
it is the food
that is so good
it's McDonald's, Mr. Ronald McDonald
they're the ones who can fix up anything
hamburgers & salads & everything
apple pies, McFlurries & different shakes
it's all the things that we love they make
the chicken & the meat
it's all so sweet
don't go on shovin' it
cuz it's McDonald's, I'm lovin' it, yeah
it's my feeling
that makes it appealing
that's the way I feel
like it is so real
it's delicious
& very scrumptious
I like to savor
that wonderful flavor
so full of delight
cuz it's just right
I'd like some hot, hot fries
with apple pies
they are really nice
not cold as ice
no worry 'bout the time
cuz everything's fine
(Bridge 2)
(Bridge 1)
(Bridge 2)
(Chorus 2x)

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