Scream Me A Love Song

This song is Copyrighted, I'm very strict when I say my stuff is copyrighted...So NO copying!!

Created by XxBrutalEmoLoveStoryxX on Saturday, April 04, 2009

you cradle that microphone in broken hand's,
it's the only thing you've got.
As you pour your heart into the words that run from your lips,
you don't even realize that you're on the spot.

now everyones watching,
but you still scream.
these lyrics, this music;
now it's all you need.

you've been ripped apart by deceitful hands,
you thought there were there to hold on to.
but in truth they're only lies,
so please just close your eyes.
I'll help you to carry on.

your voice fills the room,
as you scream,
like it's the last time you'll breathe...
and if it is,
I hope you'll scream for me.
scream me a love song,
and I'll sing along,
I'm starting to get a rush,
and it's coming on strong.
Scream me a love song and I'll scream along,
because singings overrated
and it could never be as strong.

you seem to come back,
every time you scream.
the look in you're eyes,
it's unlike any I've ever seen.
so keep your voice going,
and don't let go,
as long as I'm here, I promise...
you wont die alone!

but if for some reason,
you loose your voice;
then I'll take it upon myself,
to scream as rejoice.
because the sounds to beautiful to stop now.
worlds collide, when you part your lips,
stars abide, by the rules of gravity;
they're falling for us.
so would you scream with me?
we'll make it through,
because I'll never survive without you.
when you come,
i'll be waiting,
push me against the wall,
kiss me like you scream into that microphone;
and never let go.
we'll scream a love song......

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