Troy Story

Opening to my year six play, Troy Story. Absoloutly HALARIOUS!!!!!!!

Created by aziza42 on Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey, folks, do you wanna take a journey,
Hitch a ride with us, we're returning,
To a time when heroes walked the land,
Seeking foes to reprimand,
King to conquer, beasts to tame,
All of this done in the name,
Of gods who liked to take the rise,
Booby trapping mortals lives,
We have all this and more,
A 'wow-factor' not seen before,
So count yourselves a lucky lot,
To get a taste of what we've got,
A tale of love and death and glory,
It's all here, it's called
Your gonna love it
Hey folks, are you ready for adventure,
Strap in, hold tight and we'll send ya,
To a time when guys would kill to win,
A ladys hand, how masculine,
And slightly tragic, we admit,
But legends are full of it,
Girly girls and manly men,
Boy, how we've moved on since then,
A tale of love and death and glory,
It's all here. it's called
Your gonna love it

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