Love is war - Miku Hatsune (english lyrics)

I love this song!!!

Created by lemonsweetie900 on Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now there's no where to go
In the heart of this love
Gray clouds
Monochrome bustles
Sunlight cast shadows
Dusk is changing it's color
ahh - The world is blurred
Even so, will I still love you..?
I know this
Though what should I do?
What can I
How can I
What a fool
I am
Let's begin
This is war
Oh, to see you pleased with some one else
Earnest love
That is sin
I will show
How I feel
The megaphone I tried shouting in was broken
How hard I try to overreach myself
I would fall to get into your sight
ahh - A clear sky slid by
But it doesn't suit at all
I couldn't get a hold of my feelings
How can I
What can I
I'm not
I love you
Fight it out
Shoot right to the heart
I don't have a choice
Show off my skirt flap
I shall make you gaze upon me
Get ready to intercept
War situation still a drawback
Love is blind
Yes I will be awaken by your kiss

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