Posting Rules

Quizilla Posting Rules
Quizilla is all about the creativity and originality of our users. We want you to feel free to express yourselves and your ideas in your quizzes, stories, poems, and journals. That said, there are certain guidelines in place to keep Quizilla a safe and friendly environment. Please use the guidelines below when creating new content on Quizilla.

Prohibited Content
If any of the stuff you create on Quizilla contains the following types of content, it will be removed from the site, and you risk having your account terminated.

  • Pornography and Sexually Explicit Content
    Do not post sex stories or "lemons," graphic or explicit written depictions of sex, or images of sexual acts or nudity.
  • Sexual Solicitation/Cybersex
    Requests for sex, cybersex, or other sexual solicitation are prohibited. Please do not exchange sexually explicit messages or e-mails, requests to chat or "hook up," or requests to meet in real life.
  • Personally Identifiable Information
    Requesting or sharing personal information such as telephone numbers, street addresses, IM names, or e-mail addresses, is not safe and not allowed.
  • Copyrighted or Plagiarized Content
    If you didn't write it, don't post it. For more information about Quizilla's copyright policies, click here.
  • Gruesome or Excessive Violence
    Content advocating violence and graphic depictions of violence are not allowed.
  • Illegal or Harmful Content
    Don't post anything that glorifies, encourages, or tells people how to do things that are violent, illegal, or harmful to themselves and/or others.
  • Profanity
    Excessive or gratuitous profanity is prohibited.
  • Personal Attacks
    Content that exists solely to insult, attack or flame a specific person or user is not allowed.
  • Hate Speech
    We will not tolerate any content that includes negative stereotypes, racial, religious, or ethnic slurs, or bigotry.
  • Chain Letters
    Any content that asks the reader to repost it to the site is considered a chain letter. If it's not a piece of content that you created, don't post it.
  • Spam
    Content with no creative value that exists to promote or advertise a site, service, or user will be considered spam and deleted.
  • Redirects/Hidden or Obscured Links
    This includes unlabeled and intentionally mislabeled links or the use of HTML to obscure the target of a link, or automatically forward (redirect) someone to a different destination than indicated on page.
  • Specific Voting Instructions
    Asking a user to vote/rate your stuff is acceptable, however demanding that they give it a specific rating is not.

Moderators reserve the right to remove any material deemed to be excessively offensive, hostile, or destructive.

If you come across any content that may be in violation of these rules, please use the "report this" link on the piece of content in question. We appreciate your help in keeping Quizilla safe! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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