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Her Pain

Created by lovipine on 08/28/2014

Her pain is about a young girl facing many problems it seems as if she has no where else to hide. I hope you guys like it
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Scarred Morapoetry 08/22/2014 27 0.00
I Write Morapoetry 08/21/2014 38 0.00
She Tries Morapoetry 08/21/2014 42 0.00
Pain Speaks Morapoetry 08/20/2014 41 5.00
Tears in the Tides Morapoetry 08/20/2014 41 5.00
Broken at it's Finest Morapoetry 08/20/2014 50 5.00
Now and Then Morapoetry 08/20/2014 38 0.00
Indifference Morapoetry 08/20/2014 36 2.00
Mirrors Istrawberries 08/20/2014 45 0.00
Hold me.....anyway Istrawberries 08/20/2014 32 3.50
Made To Be Read Morapoetry 08/20/2014 36 0.00
Free From You. rose120 08/20/2014 48 0.00

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