Stupid Emo Kid


Created by nobody08 on Friday, July 03, 2009

Pulling at his hair and wanting to scream.

Depression and suicide are his main theme.

That stupid emo kid is at it once again.

He has his paper and he has his pen.

He’s going to write a poem about wanting to die.

Oh my god! Point and laugh! He’s starting to cry.

Stupid emo kid can you not see?

You are worthless and everyone else will agree.

Cheer up emo kid, things aren’t so bad.

Oh dear, it look like that made him mad.

Boo hoo! There he goes to grab that knife.

Sit back and watch as he ends his life.

Ha ha! Look! He’s starting to bleed.

Come on stupid emo kid and finish the deed.

Wow! Look at the blood start to run!

Watching his pain is a lot of fun!

Stupid emo kid, this is taking too long.

He can’t hear you, he’s listening to an emo song.

I want it to go faster so here is a gun.

The excitement has only just begun.

Woo! There we go! The gun is to his head.

POW! BOOM! Now he’s dead.

Now that I’m dead I can see things much clearer.

At least now I don’t have to look in a mirror.

I wasn’t dumb, I could see.

That the stupid emo kid was actually me.

© 2009 Michael Dean Dumeir

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