Great Guy

this is for "somebody" who doesnt believe in himself or think that he is important. well you are. your amazing to me and you matter. thats just my opinion though.

Created by lalexluvsuforeverwoop on Saturday, July 04, 2009

I have an opinion.
My opinion is that your a great guy,
But I know that's something you'll never buy.
But can't you just believe?
Or at least try?
All those things you say about yourself,
They're all untrue,
They only make me feel blue,
And care more for you,
But you should know,
I'll always be here,
To wipe your tear,
This is almost to hard to bear,
You know i won't just stand there,
I'll chase away the bad dreams,
I'll quiet your screams,
What you don't believe me?
Just wait and see.
You think I'll leave you?
Well think twice.
Because I'm not going anywhere.

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